August 1852 – The Founder of the Lodge, was traditionally the Hon. Holbrook, a Past Deputy Grand Master of British Columbia and a Veteran of the Crimea. He was also probably the most prominent and active of the Eight Founder Members, and instrumental in writing for a warrant of Constitution. The Founders signed the petition and the warrant for Combermere Lodge was approved and sanctioned by Viscount Combermere, Provincial Grand Master of Cheshire in September 1852.

13th September 1853 – The List of Founder Members:-

Worshipful Master:- W.Bro. Arthur Henderson
P.M. Lodge 35 & P.G.Reg. for West Lancs

Senior Warden:- Bro. Henry Holbrook
S.W. Lodge 368 & J.W. Lodge 701

Junior Warden:- Bro. Walter Thompson
S.W. Lodge 357

Treasurer:- Bro. Charles Crewe Chambers
Lodge 368

Secretary:- Bro. John Arellano Hall
Lodge 368

Senior Deacon:- W.Bro. William Crawley Boevey
Lodge 245 & Lodge 665

W.Bro. Fred S. Hailorde
Lodge 245, Lodge 701 & Lodge 782

W.Bro. E.G. Willoughby, P.P.S.D. for Cheshire
Lodge 315, Lodge801 & Lodge 782