December 2nd 1852 – The Lodge was constituted and consecrated by Bro. Edward Gardner Willoughby, PPGD. assisted by Bro. J. Fenton, PProvJGD. as S.W. Bro. Butterworth, Prov.GStdBr as J.W.

It was named after the 8th Provincial Grand Master, Filed Marshall Viscount Combermere and bore the number 880. This ceremony took place at the Egremont Hotel, Egremont and was followed by the Installation of Bro. Arthur Henderson, P.M. Prov. G. Reg., West Lancs. as first Worshipful Master.

After consecration, eight people were initiated by the Worshipful Master, special permission being granted by the Right Worshipful Brother Lord Combermere. The original officers of the Lodge presented the main chairs and all the Lodge furniture, and subscribed a loan of £5 5 shillings each towards the Lodge funds. December 1853 Several members resigned owing to the heavy subscription, at that time, £5 5 shillings per annum

January 6th 1853 – Lord Combermere was made an Honorary Member of the Lodge and consented to become “Godfather” ofthe Lodge.

November 19th 1857 – Lodge had to remove furniture from Egremont Hotel, but not before the outstanding wine bill had been paid, £3 14 shillings! The Lodge moved to Seacombe Hotel.

21st January 21st 1858 – Only seven members were present at the installation of Bro. W.H. Neville. There were, however, sixteen visitors from the “Merchants”, “Mersey” and “Zetland” Lodges. Bro. Wm. Bulley ProvJGD, of the latter Lodge officiated as Installing Master. Members in attendance during the year rarely exceeded six, the visitors from “Mersey” and “Zetland” Lodges often exceeding this number. Although the number of Candidates was not great, the work done was good and by strict economy the year ended with a balance of £6 11 shillings 1d to the good, Bro W.H. Neville was re-elected for another year.

September 1858 – A petition for a new Lodge at Runcorn to be called the “Ellesmere” was presented to Grand Lodge. It was favourably considered, recommended and signed. The Ellesmere thus became the eldest Daughter Lodge of the “Combermere”

September 9th 1863 – Due to the number of Lodges becoming extinct, a revision of lodge numbers was made by Grand Lodge and the Lodge Number 880, was changed to 605

January 1861 – Bro. W.J. Younghusband, P.M., “Merchants” Lodge installed Bro. Francis J. Heaton as W.M.

January 1862 – Bro. W.J. Younghusband also installed Bro. H.C. Lucy as W.M. in the presence of three members, one non-member and five visitors.

January 1864 – The W.M. Bro. Hall, was re-elected W.M. for 1864, but having also been elected as W.M. of another Lodge, and as the P.G.M., declined to grant him a dispensation to act as W.M. of two Lodges at the same time, he was compelled to refuse the honour. Bro. Robert Meacock, P.M., 477, was elected at an Emergency Meeting held on January 8th 1864, and was duly installed as W.M. of 605 on January 21st in the presence of a large number of visitors from Mersey Lodge No. 477.

March 1864 – Bro. Henry Langley joined from No. 823 and was immediately invested as J.D. thus placing the W.M. in the unusual position of having a full set of officers, all of whom attended with the greatest of regularity during the year, which was the turning point in the history of the Lodge, now the largest in the Province.

15th December 1864 – Bro. W.M. Wade, Jun. P.M. 477, was elected a joining member and was immediately afterwards unanimously elected W.M. for 1865.